Bohemian Style Book Bag

Eye-catching! Love the colours. 🙂

Ah' Crochet!

Hello everybody, I hope you are all doing well. We are having a normal Spring day here which means, overcast weather, mild temperature, and strong blowing winds. Yes, the winds are howling outside as I write, and this is pretty “normal” for Spring time here.

I hope that after posting this blog the winds would calm down a bit so I can go out without getting tossed. (I normally get tossed when I go to Oriental parade.)

The sea is choppy today too. And usually when it does that, it heralds rain for the following day. Should it rain, I hope it rains over the weekdays rather than the weekend.

P1110957 Rough waves making sprays on the rocks at the waterfront.


So this is normal Spring time weather here in Wellington, that having a day or two with sun and calm seas is a blessing. And a perfectly good excuse to go out and…

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