Mr Fox

Love this! Such a simple thing to make that looks fabulous when finished. 🙂

The Pea Green Boat

This fox was made from Son’ Popkes beautiful Crochet Fox Pattern.

I bought this pattern here.

Sonja Has made a great pattern, it’s easy to follow so long as you read through the instructions on the first page regarding colour changes.

It was fairly quick to make the scarf was actually the most time consuming part but he looks naked without it!

Sonja suggests using textured 100% wool yarn but I struggled to find the colours and thickness required so in the end I went for acrylic which doesn’t quite have the same effect, but he is beautiful nonetheless. I used doubled DK and mixed colours for the brown and white parts, a light brown with a dark brown and a white with a cream. I wanted somewhere between the two colours and it worked quite nicely and gave it a textured look without using 100% wool. The orange…

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