Belle of the Ball (actually Matron, but Belle sounds better… lol)

I have been going through the rarely viewed end of my wardrobe to find things I’ve made so I can post pics here on my blog.

This was a blast from the past when I opened the garment bag to find not only this ball gown I made, but the Matron of the Ball sash that I was awarded at the ball!  What a shame the dress has only been worn once, back in 1991…

ball-gown ball-gown2

At the time, I was a stay at home mum with four children, the oldest was then 12.  Our budget was tight but I wanted to have something nice to wear to the fire brigade ball because my husband was going to wear his uniform and of course look very dapper!

The dress cost me very little in fabric and nothing in labour other than a couple of hours of my time, so the price was right! lol  Parachute fabric tracksuits were all the rage back then so the pink fabric is actually what they made those very colourful tracksuits from.  The small amount of black velvet cost very little as did the lining material and voile for the underslip.

23 years on and I reckon you could still wear it to a ball and not look out of place.  😀

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