Create Beaded Crafts with Safety Pins

Now, that’s clever. Looks great! 🙂

Jewelry Pendants

Have you ever try to make a beaded jewelry with safety pins? Well, I can answer yes. Because it is a fun, cool and easy craft to try, and the results are even funner!  Today, I’ll taking the beaded safety pin to a seriously stylish level.  All you have to do is slip multicolor beads onto ordinary safety pins and you can create fun items to wear, share, and swap! Plus, this beaded safety pin jewelry adds a fun twist to any outfit!

crafts with safety pins

Wanna make your own beaded safety pin jewelry?
Here’s what you need:
Safety pins
Beads (seed beads or else small beads you like)
elastic string

First up, the safety pin ring.
Putting beads on half of the pins, then place each beaded pin on the elastic, follow with a non-beaded pin in the opposite opsition from the beaded pin. At last, tying the elastic at…

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