Knitted Father Christmas

lol! Love this blog. 🙂

the twisted yarn

What? What? More Christmas makes? Well… yes. Because now that the TheTwistedYarn has turned on the festive ideas tap, it just won’t stop dripping. Somebody call a plumber.

So, assuming that the easy-to-knit Christmas trees were on the favourable side of tolerable, here’s another easy decorative knit for Christmas. I’m deliberately creating the simplest, most beginner-oriented designs, involving nowt more taxing than a garter stitch square. And in case even that sounds daunting to complete beginners, let me make it clearer: you get to knit every stitch of every row. No purling. No fancy-schmancy through-the-back-loop, yarn-over, P37.6tog shenanigans. These projects are designed for beginners (children and adults), but more experienced knitters will enjoy adding extra embellishments. Or is it just me?

So let me introduce Father Christmas, bless his fluffy novelty-yarn socks:-

Father Christmas Knitted Father Christmas

You ready? OK, let’s knit. Actually, the knitting is exactly the same as the knitting…

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