Tea Cosies Exhibition – The Art Tea Party

Beautiful! 🙂

The Creative Pixie

I attend a knitting group most Thursday nights and back in January our group was approached to create some tea cosies to accompany an artists exhibition that would be held in the Ulster Museum. The exhibition is being held in support of Marie Curie Cancer Care, a fantastic charity who cares for people with a terminal illness. The artists tea cosies and the ones made by the knitting groups have been donated to the charity with the aim of them being sold after the exhibition with the proceeds going to back to Marie Curie.

I decided to crochet a tea cosy and after a bit of browsing online I bought a book of patterns – Tea Cozies 3 from Amazon. I wanted to do something a bit different so I started to make a butterfly tea cosy using Rowan Pure Merino wool bought specially for it. I didn’t follow the…

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