My 30 year old ABC quilt

I made this when my kids were little and I was a stay at home mum.  All hand pieced but machine sewn.  I did a lot of sewing back then to save money and this was made from off-cuts from a whole lot of garments.

My daughter sent me the photo because she had it for her boys when they were little!  Still looks in pretty good condition too.  🙂


Indie Design Gift-a-Long: My Favourite Shawls, Scarfs and Cowls

Beautiful 🙂


The discount period may be over now for the GAL, but the knit-a-long doesn’t end until the 31st of December so I’m still picking out loads of great patterns.

I absolutely love shawls and scarfs so choosing just a few favourites is really really difficult but here they are, I’ve had to be extremely strict with myself and not post about a hundred pictures, but these few are the ones that really caught my eye (click on the pictures to go to the pattern page)

When the flowers bloom: twisted stitches and beads, whats not to love! fingering/4ply


Ink ripples: beyond my basic crochet skills, but I love it, laceweight


Little fish, big fish: Double knit cowl, extra warm and super cute, worsted or fingering/4ply


Radiance Shawl: simple yet effective, laceweight


Malva: small and sweet, laceweight


Pendula: a whole lot of holes! sport/5ply


Starlet stole: an interesting combination of cables…

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4 Easy Kid Jingle Bell Crafts

So simple but so effective. Just lovely. 🙂

Jewelry Pendants

Yesterday, when I went to Warmart for some household products and found that there were so many Christmas Items on shelves. And the Christmas song “Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way…” inspired me.  Why not make some easy kid crafts with bells!! Coz I’ve got many Christmas beads and items as Christmas gifts from an online store. Especially the majority of jingle bells. Making kid crafts with these bell pendants seems to be a funny thing, and my little daughter always loves to DIY together with me. Okay, let’s begin to share the ideas…:)


The first craft is Jingle bell bracelet, which is easy formed with jingle bells and pipe cleaners. Thread the bell pendants along the pipe cleaner (five bells are ok), and bend the cleaner around, then wrap the bracelet to make it nice and neat. Source from:


The second project is Jingle bell pendants…

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Knitted Father Christmas

lol! Love this blog. 🙂

the twisted yarn

What? What? More Christmas makes? Well… yes. Because now that the TheTwistedYarn has turned on the festive ideas tap, it just won’t stop dripping. Somebody call a plumber.

So, assuming that the easy-to-knit Christmas trees were on the favourable side of tolerable, here’s another easy decorative knit for Christmas. I’m deliberately creating the simplest, most beginner-oriented designs, involving nowt more taxing than a garter stitch square. And in case even that sounds daunting to complete beginners, let me make it clearer: you get to knit every stitch of every row. No purling. No fancy-schmancy through-the-back-loop, yarn-over, P37.6tog shenanigans. These projects are designed for beginners (children and adults), but more experienced knitters will enjoy adding extra embellishments. Or is it just me?

So let me introduce Father Christmas, bless his fluffy novelty-yarn socks:-

Father Christmas Knitted Father Christmas

You ready? OK, let’s knit. Actually, the knitting is exactly the same as the knitting…

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Star Wars Quilt

So many Star Wars fans would love this! 🙂



This is my Star Wars quilt because the young man it is going to is a Star Wars fan.  It is supposed to be for his February birthday.  He will get an early birthday present because I’m so excited with the finished product.  Okay, so there are no pictures of R2D2, Luke Skywalker or Chewbacca as part of the design.  Use your imagination and let us believe that this is the view from that galaxy far, far away.  Quilting by Colley Haynes, Newell, Alabama.

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Florence Christmas Blog Tour: On reflection

You should follow Needle and Ted because there are some beautiful patterns there. 🙂

Needle and Ted

Chalkboard-Christmas Florence

11 extremely talented bloggers have shown over the last few days what magic you can create with the Florence blouse pattern. Why not have a go yourself, you still have time to purchase the pattern and save 20% on Florence and all other patterns at MadeIt Patterns until Sunday, midnight GMT.

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Custom hat

Check out YarnBOB’s Etsy shop. Some lovely things there. 🙂




I have some amazing friends who are helping me get the word out about my Etsy shop. This is a custom hat I just finished for a friend of a friend, who happens to be a UO fan. This was a fun project because I got to experiment with how to combine a few patterns to make something from a picture that was sent to me. I am pretty happy with the result, and hopefully she will be too!

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How Is Wool Made Machine-Washable?

Really interesting because so many people would have wondered about the processes that make modern yarns easily washable. Thankyou for the information. 🙂

The Sweaty Knitter, Weaver and Devotee of Other Fiber Arts

Any wool (or protein fiber) is washable by hand and, often, in gentle cycles in cool water. Machine washable wool – wool that can be made into garments that can be tossed into a washing machine with no worry of shrinking – is readily available. Yet for years I have been reluctant to knit with machine washable wool; the wool always felt “different” to me, though I would be hard pressed to explain to someone exactly what “different” means. (Pic source)

In Fibre Facts (1981), Bette Hochberg sheds light on why machine washable wool has always felt “different” to me:

This wool is sometimes treated with chemicals to destroy the scales on its surface. This can decrease strength and durability, and impart a harsh texture to the wool. A less damaging method is to coat the wool with a resin which forms a thin plastic skin over each…

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